No news?
Good news!

Receive notifications only when your baby requires your attention.

Sleep peacefully, Monfoxy is watching.

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Reassuring at a glance …

A clear and easy interface to know if your child is sleeping well.

You will find all the useful informations on the main screen of our application monfoxy.

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Be notified for really important things.

In the age of networks, receiving Facebook or Twitter notifications is good. But why not receive also the notifications that really matter to you?

All parents are different. That’s why we let you the choice of the alerts you want to receive.

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Too hot or too cold?

The temperature of the bedroom of your child is an important element. A overheated room is an aggravating factor of the sudden infant death syndrome.

That's why monfoxy monitors the temperature of the bedroom of your child and alerts you when it’s not optimal.

Ecran Alerte Temperature

Advice to help you…

Warning you is good! But we want more for you.

In addition to warning you, Monfoxy app informs and advises you.


And so much more !

If necessary, Monfoxy will tell you the first aid gestures and will quickly connect you with the emergency services.

Ecran gestes 1er secours


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