chaussettes sur corde à linge

If you know how to put on a sock, then you know how to use monfoxy !

You just need to put on the sock before the pajama and you are ready for a good night.

It's that easy!

monfoxy helps you to be more peaceful


monfoxy monitors the physiological parameters and the sleeping positon of you baby.


With its integrated sensors, the T-Hub controls the air quality of his bedroom at all time. It also receives data coming from the sock. In case of need, you are notified by a clever luminous halo


Thanks to monfoxy app, receive notifications by monfoxy and find all the useful information at a glance on your smartphone.

parent endormi

monfoxy stays awake all night so you don’t need to. .

Even if you are great parents, you still need to rest.

Be in good shape to build your first memories and live new experiences.

parents en déplacement

Away from home or at a meeting late in the evening, you’re not far …

At the nanny, at home with dad or mom monfoxy helps you to keep in touch even if you are away.
With its secure connection you can know if your child is sleeping well.


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